Daron Rahlves, Pro Skier, creator of the Rahlves Banzai Tour

"WEND Wax has an entire line of products I rely on to keep my skis running fast.  After edge tuning, the first step before waxing is using the MF Natural Cleaner/Conditioner.  Next and most important is hot waxing with WEND to condition the base and prep it to the corresponding temperature. On the mountain I pack a tin of my signature overlay paste for an extra boost of speed made quick and easy."

Kazu Kokubo, Pro Snowboarder, Backcountry Slayer

"For the last five years I have been using WEND products for all of my riding. Whether pipe or backcountry, you won't find a better wax."

Nick Goepper, Pro Skier, Olympic Bronze Medalist

"WEND has been an integral part of my success at several contests. It's all about having an extra edge when the conditions are sloppy. In slow conditions, WEND helped me maintain speed throughout my runs at the X Games, Dew Tour, Dumont Cup, and the Olympics."


Lindsey Jacobellis, Pro Snowboarder, 10-time X Games Gold Medalist, Olympic Silver Medalist

"I love using WEND for my race boards as well as my freestyle board. It is a very versatile product that protects the base as well as makes it go FAST!!!"


Alex Deibold, Pro Snowboarder, Olympic Bronze Medalist

"WEND takes out the guess work. They have a complete and efficient line of products that help me focus on the stuff that matters - going snowboarding and having fun."

Curtis Bacca, Professional Technician

"The WEND MF Natural Cleaner/Conditioner is a key component in my wax box between World Cups, X Games and leading up to the Olympics. The product is outstanding, after waxing all types of fluoros and additivies into the base, it is vital to get the pores/structure of the base clean going into the next competition. It also provides outstanding conditioning benefits... A "must" for your wax box!"

Matt Christensen, Snow Manager at Red Bull High Performance

"WEND is a product that works! It's uncomplicated and gives our athletes consistency in their riding! The Daron Rahlves Overlay Paste is a simple solution for that extra edge on the competition!

Benjamin J. Boyd, Pro Coach/Technician

"I have been stoked to work with all the crew from WEND, and am just as excited about the products they produce. We have used it for all levels of riders, and it has become an integral part of the success of our program and the performance of our riders."


Matt McFall, Equipment Technician, 2014 Chinese Aerials Team

"During the 2014 World Cup Season we racked up an unprecedented 20 podiums and then went on to win two Olympic medals in Sochi. To achieve this success, I relied on an array of products from WEND which constituted 90% of our ski prep needs. Many thanks to WEND for an incredible product line."


Travis Gerrits, Pro Skier, Olympic Aerialist

"WEND is my go-to wax for both water ramping and snow training. Whether I'm sliding down plastic in the summer, in the arctic circle in January or through the slush of late-season conditions, I can rely on my equipment to perform the way I want it to, because as an aerial skier, my life kind of depends on it!"


Helen Schettini, Pro Snowboarder

"I love the feeling of a freshly waxed stick, yet I constantly forget to wax before I run out of time. The WEND MF Natural Liquid Juice is the perfect thing to bring on short trips or for a quick coating on the base before running out on a pow day. I love the component of Meadowfoam, which is bio-friendly and adds performance to the wax. What an incredible product!"

Chris Taylor, Professional Technician

"On the World Cup where all-out speed and durability matter, I have chosen to include WEND products in my daily waxing cycles. ESPECIALLY the MF Natural Cleaner/Conditioner. It is hands down the best and fastest on the market!"


Robin Van Gyn, Pro Snowboarder

"The satisfaction I get out of having a pocket bar on me at all times is priceless. Being able to rub a bit more speed when I need it is key, no real effort or time needed for application, not to mention to help a friend or two keep up on a powder day, it’s my favorite quick fix. For me it’s all about convenience and performance, and the WEND NF Performance Bit Bar is both of those things."

Mike Hanley, Nick Goepper's Coach

"From teenagers competing at regional events in Colorado to two-time X Games & AFP Champion Nick Goepper competing in the World Championships, WEND Wax Products give them an unparalleled edge over the competition."  

McCabe Mallin, Professional Technician

"WEND Wax is hands down the fastest wax I have found. The athletes I work with and I are extremely impressed with its performance in all conditions around the world! Plus it's great for your bases and is a part of great wax history."

Jeff Sadis, Coach/Technician

"Using WEND for slopestyle training in Sochi 2014... good durability and great glide... all the way to the podium!"


Red Gerard, Pro Snowboarder

"I like the Kazu Kokubo Signature Series shred wax because it helps me keep my speed since I weigh so little. The WEND Daron Rahlves Overlay Paste is great for last minute waxing because I usually forget to wax the night before."


Aspen Spora, Pro Skier

"I love being able to rub on some WEND MF Natural Liquid Juice. It's really a make-or-break deal with speed for me since I only weigh 75 pounds. WEND gives me that extra boost that I need."


Ryan Paul, Pro Snowboarder

"The 86 Jib Wax literally works like skate wax. I rub it on my board to make it faster on slopes and rails, but I've also rubbed it on sticky park obstacles and gritty street ledges and it's always made them so slick! It's crazy, having that little jib bar in my pocket has saved the session so many times!”

Brandon Phillips, Pro Snowboarder

"I have been in every condition imaginable. My Combo Clamshell pack is the first thing in my board bag."

Marty Robertson, Pro Snowboarder

"I've been using the signature WEND Kazu Kokubo Overlay Speed Paste all spring and it's seriously amazing. Couple rubs on the base and a quick buff and it's good for the rest of the day. Finding speed in the slush for hitting the kickers is never an issue. I always had plenty of speed even with the smallest application. Really stoked on it and it is a must-have for spring/summer riding."

Jordan Gibson, Pro Snowboarder

"WEND holds my speeds at top notch even in Southern California!"

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